Trusts can be used to hold a variety of assets including property, investments, bank deposits and life insurance policies.

A Trust is a relationship where assets are held by individuals or a corporate entity for the benefit of another.


Trusts are a widely used vehicle for asset protection and offer a great deal protection and security over your assets.

Our Trust team

Roxy Sheeley

Managing Director (Isle of Man)

Colin Quayle

Company Secretary, Data Protection Officer

Richard Cockburn

Business Development Manager

Our Trust services

  • Provision of professional, independent or corporate Trustees
  • Formation, registration, transfer or termination of Trusts on your behalf
  • Assurance of adherence to the investment objectives
  • Provision of bespoke solution to regulatory constraints
  • Maintenance of the Trust’s records
  • Management of Secretarial and governance aspects relating to your Trust
  • Registration of the trust with the relevant local authorities
  • Arrangement and facilitation of Trustee meetings
  • Preparation and execution of Trustee resolutions
  • Signing and execution of any required statutory documentation

Colin Quayle


“At Affinity we have been blessed for many years with the trust of Settlors and have formed and managed many Trusts with a variety of purposes holding and managing assets across a myriad of jurisdictions and business sectors. Trusts are especially attractive to individuals, families and companies alike and have a wide range of uses such as estate and succession planning, asset protection, minimising exposure to inheritance tax and forced heirship etc.”