The Affinity Blue Boost Station

Affinity sponsored the Isle of Man Parish Walk this year, which involved us having a Feed Station on the course to support all the walkers. Just over the half way mark, we were located at Devils Elbow, which is a corner on the coastal road between Peel and Kirk Michael.

With the first walker expected around 2pm, we eagerly set up our station with supplies ready to give them that extra boost to keep them going on the 85 mile challenge. We had water to keep them hydrated, mars bars for a boost of sugar and a bananas as a healthy option for a natural boost. We also had some Affinity blue sweets, such as blue laces and toffees!

We put some music on to create a fun atmosphere and the team had such high energy. We cheered the walkers on all afternoon with positive affirmations to keep up their motivation, calling out names and numbers, to give each one a special boost.

The team had an absolute blast and even started singing and dancing. It was a fantastic to see the community come together and participate in such a historic event that has become a part of the Islands heritage.