At Affinity Group, we believe in positively contributing to the communities in which we operate.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have taken significant measures to support charities and initiatives, invest in our communities, safeguard our natural environment, and promote sustainability. Our CSR strategy spans our jurisdictions, Isle of Man, Malta, Cayman Islands, and beyond.

Here’s a glimpse into our recent CSR initiatives:

Partnership with Beach Buddies on the Isle of Man

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Working in collaboration with Hill Robinson Yacht Management and their Love the Sea initiative, we have partnered with Beach Buddies, an award-winning local charity on the Isle of Man. Our contribution focuses on sustainable actions against plastic pollution to beautify and safeguard our beloved home. Working with Hill Robinson, we have supported Beach Buddies hard work to preserve the island’s wonderful ecosystem, environment, habitats, and wildlife through quarterly beach clean-ups. These activities align with our environmental objectives and promote team bonding through a rewarding outdoor group activity.

“Since 2004, Beach Buddies has led the fight against plastic pollution on the Isle of Man, achieving international recognition for setting global standards. Their tireless work has rendered the Isle of Man’s beaches some of the cleanest in the world. We are incredibly honoured and humbled to partner with such a dynamic and influential group.”Alex Gardner, COO.

Becoming Business Partners with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

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We have solidified our commitment to sustainability by becoming a business partner of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. Our partnership aims to uphold the Biosphere principles and aligns perfectly with our track record of sustainable projects. Using the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man badge, we aim to raise awareness about protecting our natural resources, fostering a sustainable economy, promoting cultural heritage, and positively impacting our environment.

“Partnering with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is a thrilling step on our sustainability journey. We’re integrating the Five Es – Economy, Enjoyment, Environment, Engagement, and Education – into our operations, and this partnership signifies the importance we place on protecting our natural resources and fostering a sustainable future.”Andy Morgan, CEO.

Partnering with S+C to support Coffee4Craig

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We are proud to partner with Streetwise + Conscious (S+C), an ethical streetwear brand that aids the UK’s homeless population. S+C provides a unique way to be socially responsible – by purchasing their clothing. Every purchase contributes to StreetSaks to local charities, all filled with essential clothing and donated to those in need.

Our recent work with S+C resulted in several StreetSaks being delivered to the wonderful, Manchester-based charity, Coffee4Craig. Coffee4Craig supports the local homeless population, offering home-cooked meals, clothing, medical access, a shower, barbering services, advice, and, most importantly, a team of friendly staff and volunteers.

“It is fantastic that we have supported Coffee4Craig through our partnership with S+C. It is an excellent way to perform a small act of kindness that can make a significant difference in someone’s life. We are proud to be part of a movement that reminds us of our shared responsibility towards each other.”Alex Gardner, COO.

Volunteering at Curraghs Wildlife Park, Isle of Man

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Our Wellness Committee organised a day in September 2022 for our team to volunteer at the Curraghs Wildlife Park. We had the opportunity to connect with nature and contribute to conservation by building new pathways throughout the centre. This experience fostered team building and reminded us of our commitment to conserving the natural world, and we look forward to our next opportunity to support the Park.

“Volunteering at Curraghs Wildlife Park was a rewarding experience. We got to spend the day in nature and contribute to the Park’s mission of inspiring people to help conserve the natural world.”Andy Morgan, CEO.

Beach Clean-Up in Malta with Green Hats

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Our Malta team recently had the opportunity to join forces with Green Hats, an environmental non-profit organisation, for a beach clean-up at Armier Bay. Our team filled several large bags of rubbish, highlighting the alarming issue of plastic pollution. Our partnership with Green Hats is a part of our Group CSR initiative to tackle plastic pollution and preserve the natural environment.

“Cleaning up Armier Bay with Green Hats was an eye-opening experience. The amount of plastic pollution we found was astonishing. We are committed to taking action and working towards preserving our beautiful ocean and wildlife.”Alex Gardner, COO.

Supporting Hospice Isle of Man

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“The Hospice Isle of Man is indeed a beacon of compassion in our community, and running the London Marathon to support their cause was an emotionally resonant experience. We are eagerly committed to sustaining our backing for the extraordinary care the Hospice delivers.”Eliza Rayner, Business Development Executive.

Following our inspirational visit to the Hospice Isle of Man, two team members triumphed in the London Marathon, collectively gathering upwards of £5,000. As a business, we have been profoundly touched by the care that the Hospice delivers daily and have spearheaded multiple fundraising and advocacy initiatives to champion their dedicated service.

Joining Hands with Mariner Surf Co. for Environmental Conservation


We are thrilled to collaborate with Mariner Surf Co., a company that shares our passion for conserving the natural environment. This collaboration involves sponsoring conservation signs at Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman to educate tourists and locals about endangered turtles and the importance of keeping the beach clean.

“Partnering with Mariner Surf Co. has allowed us to extend further our efforts to conserve our environment. Our sponsored conservation signs at Spotts Beach remind tourists and the community to keep our environment clean and protect our marine life.”Andy Morgan, CEO.

Rebecca House Hospice Colour Blast Sponsorship

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We have been proud to sponsor the Hospice Colour Blast, a lively event organised by Hospice Children’s Charity, Rebecca House. Held on Peel Beach on the Isle of Man, our team was thrilled to manage one of the largest colour stations. It was a day filled with laughter, colour, and community spirit.

“Sponsoring and participating in the Hospice Colour Blast was an enriching experience for our team. It was a beautiful day filled with fun, colour, and positivity. We are thankful to the Hospice Isle of Man for hosting such a rewarding initiative and allowing us to support a cause that truly matters.”Alex Gardner, COO.