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Neil Kelly



Neil brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Chief Financial Officer, leveraging over 20 years in finance and management across diverse sectors such as retail, wholesale, logistics, investment property, yachting, aviation, and asset management. His experience includes acquisitions, treasury, credit control, VAT, implementation of new systems, and team management.

With over a decade in board settings, serving in Company Secretary and Director positions, Neil’s strategic insights and executive leadership skills are an invaluable asset to Affinity. He is adept at synthesising complex financial data and leveraging it to inform strategic business decisions, with a strong focus on growth and sustainability.

Neil’s primary career aspiration is to continue fostering strong relationships with non-financial teams, emphasising collaboration and mutual understanding. He is committed to delivering accurate financial reports to facilitate data-driven decision making, contributing to our ongoing success and growth.

Outside of finance, Neil is an avid Manchester City fan, a dedicated runner, and an enthusiastic traveller. He cherishes spending quality time with his wife and two boys, believing in the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Neil’s breadth of experience, strategic foresight, and dedication make him a cornerstone of our team.

“Affinity enables me to have a voice, they encourage new ideas and are forward thinkers. It is a privilege to work with such like-minded colleagues who all support each other. I am looking forward to being a part of Affinity’s growth in the future.”