Multi Family Office

Affinity’s personal approach is ideally suited to the provision of family office services.

Over the years we have helped several families achieve their personal and financial goals.


High Net Worth Individuals demand high-quality service, suitably knowledgeable and experienced staff who fully understand challenges of managing wealth.

Our multi family office services team

Mark O’Neil

Team Leader

Andy Morgan - Group CEO

Andy Morgan

Group CEO

Alex Gardner

Group COO

Our multi family office services

Our approach of going the extra mile to achieve results for our clients in addition to our friendly nature and ability to find pragmatic solutions sets our service apart. In addition to this, our proven track record for managing wealth and luxury assets makes Affinity a leasing service provider in this area.

Our network of professional advisors both locally and internationally, through the HLB International network, enables us to offer a personal service but with an international reach.

Andy Morgan

Group CEO

“Our expert team of advisors are able to respond to their client’s requirements in a tailored way to meet their personal needs. We have been assisting families with a wide range of family office services for several years and have developed a network of professional advisors both here in Malta and internationally to support our clients in every way we can. We are confident that our personal approach has aided us to develop long-lasting trusted relationships with our clients and determines what sets us apart from the rest.”

Isle of Man  –  Malta  –  Cayman Islands

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