Multi Family Office & Affinity: Complex needs, Require Unique Services

A multi-family office is an organisation that assists several families to manage their wealth, objectives and lifestyle. This inclusive service covers a broad range of financial expertise such as wealth creation and protection, investment strategy guidance and risk management. A multi-family office will also assist to their clients personal needs by managing their lifestyle and taking care of requests such as travel arrangements.

Family office services date back to the 16th century, starting with a monarch assigning a steward to aristocratic families forming estate offices, affluent families have always been a source of income and an area for business. Modern society has enriched the choices for families, with a diverse range of opportunities in the luxury asset sector and investment options, making the industry highly competitive and setting client expectations to a new level.

Multifamily offices are now aiming to deliver an unrivalled service that encompasses all personal and financial requirements, by guiding their clients with expert advice to meet their goals and long-term vision.

The rise of multi-family offices has increased the level of service and companies that don’t offer a list of diverse range of services in a variety of sectors have fallen behind. More time is being invested to truly understand who the client is, their family dynamic and what they desire. Family counselling and relationship management are allowing companies to create deeper relationships, based on trust and discretion. These relationships are built to last, to retain loyal families that trust the company with their wealth creation and wealth protection for many years to come. The company will learn the family values and align the family legacy to develop a plan for the next generation to guide their success.

Here at Affinity we provide our clients with an extremely professional service in a unique, personal way. Our team hold extensive knowledge that covers a diverse range of sectors and our approach has earned us a strong reputation in the luxury asset sector, providing our clients with an un paralleled level of service saving them time while allowing them to reach their long term goals. Our strategy is tailored to the client’s needs, we encourage an environment that harnesses openness and honesty that strengthens relationships and communication. We devote time to understand the families’ values to build long-lasting relationships. We believe our personal approach gives clients close support in all aspects of their life which aids us to deliver a cohesive service that meets all the many, individual expectations. Your dedicated contact and their team will continuously monitor and execute your short-term and long-term visions by delving into thorough risk analysis and assessment techniques to develop the most suitable strategy. Our team will guide clients through the process by mentoring and providing education to give clients a practical understanding of how to manage their assets.

Our reputable position in the luxury asset sector has stemmed from years of building up a wealth of experience, acquiring an established list of international intermediaries and an extensive base of knowledge in fiduciary services. Our core sectors, Yachting and Aviation provides clients with administration, ownership structures, VAT registrations, management and protection of investment vehicles. Our established position has allowed us to diversify and lead success in other sectors

Our wealth of experience in assisting several families has equipped us with an understanding of how to meet complex requirements and how to exceed expectations.