Meet the Team: Vanessa Farrugia

What sector do you work in and have you any thoughts to share about the industry right now?

I work in the accounts department and handle a portfolio of client accounts in the yachting sector. Currently the leisure season has ended, most leisure yachts have been either winterized or moved to the southern hemisphere to continue their season there. For the sporting enthusiasts, the famous Middle Sea Race is currently on, a multi-hull recently broke all records and returned to Port in just over 33 hours! Being a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean, the sea has been our only link to the rest of the world for millennia.

What led you to this career and how has it progressed so far?

Previously I was an office administrator, the General Factotum of a tiny legal office, with an old, rather prestigious name for a good number of years. The management team, the legal eagles, had always pushed for me to continue my professional education, seeing that I had stopped after my A levels. It was a bittersweet moment when I told them that I have been accepted by the ACCA to start my studies: they were super happy for me to see me progressing, but sad as an ACCA student has no place in a law firm. In these past 4 years, I have achieved my Diploma in Accounting from ACCA, and am now halfway through my qualifications, sitting for my first of two tax exams this coming December.

What do you do Affinity?

I am a Client Accounts Administrator, currently focusing on the yacht chartering Industry. In my previous accounting positions, I was exposed to a vast range of industries and yacht chartering was one of them. I found yacht chartering to be very interesting to work on, providing a different challenge to retail, catering, betting industries and small professional offices. These are typically based in one location, that is, locally; however with yacht chartering one is touching upon the different jurisdictions and their various laws and regulations.

What are skills are you currently working on?

I am continuously learning about Accounting. You never know everything about accounts! There is always something new to learn! Currently I am studying for my upcoming tax exam, so in the evening I am working hard at memorizing tax rates, exemption clauses, fringe benefits caps, pensions and working out social security contributions, income tax, capital gains, corporate taxes… all the “joys” of taxes!

What aspects do you love about your job and the company?

Accounting has a very unjustified reputation for being boring. That could not be further from the truth. It’s actually fun! Client accounting exposes one to a vast array of industries and many different types of people, from chefs to lawyers, small shop owners to PAs for billionaires. Affinity is fun to work for, the clients are varied, while the small team here is made up of a lovely assortment of people. A day spent working here just flies by!

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

I am lucky to live within walking distance from my office, so the 12-15 minute walk is my time to focus on the day’s tasks in the morning and to unwind after work. Then, it’s a mad race to cook dinner, eat dinner, clean and hit my second desk for the day to study until around midnight. I try to go for a half-hour walk after finishing my studies too!

What are your passions outside of work?

Cooking and eating good food, I’m always trying new recipes from different countries and various cultures. The spicier it is, the better. The moment a new ethnic restaurant opens, I’m there trying it out. I love trekking and exploring the countryside in Winter and snorkeling in Summer. I love drawing and painting, however I no longer have much time for my favourite hobby. I do enjoy reading crime and fantasy novels. Oh, and I do love fussing over my two cats, much to their huffing disapproval.

Finally, what is something you have done but will never do again?

Drink Aftershock Cinnamon or Anisette.

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