Meet the Team: Milly Perrin

What sector do you work in and have you any thoughts to share about the industry right now?

I work in the yachting and aviation sector at Affinity. Having joined Affinity just after the summer, I missed the buzz of the European charter season, however I have already learnt a lot and I am excited for the summer season next year. On the other hand, this winter is our first season in the Cayman Islands with our new office opening. It is great how we have offices in various geographical locations with an office in Malta too, this offers our clients opportunities in various structures all year round.

What led you to this career and how has it progressed so far?

I knew that I wanted to work in a corporate environment, which is why I chose the CSP sector. I saw an opportunity at Affinity, and when I realised the role was focused in the yachting sector, I was so excited. From starting with basic knowledge, I have already gained a lot of knowledge and skills that will stick with me for life.

What do you do Affinity?

My role as Assistant Client Administrator in the Yachting and Aviation sector requires me to assist the administration team in providing a high quality service to our diverse portfolio of clients.

What are skills are you currently working on?

At the moment I am working on developing my corporate service skills. I am also learning every day more about the industry I work in.

What aspects do you love about your job and the company?

Affinity has a family feel to it, instead of just being a business and the atmosphere within in the office is always great. I find my job very rewarding and every day is different.

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

My favourite ways to unwind are socializing with friends, spending time with my family and walking my dog.

What are your passions outside of work?

I spend most weekends going out with my friends, we love getting dressed up and go for cocktails.

Finally, what is something you have done but will never do again?

Nothing, I live life with no regrets!