Meet the team: Louise Cannell

Affinity Group has offices in Isle of Man, Malta and Cayman Islands. We are a talented and friendly bunch, working closely with our wide range of clients to meet their specific needs. Here’s a little from Louise Cannell, Client Administrator for Affinity Isle of Man.

What is your role at Affinity?

My role is in the egaming team, and I work closely with clients of Affinity to assist them through the licence application and launch stage, and provide ongoing support thereafter. I’m very passionate about building meaningful relationships and going the extra mile for our clients, and getting to know them on a more personal level too. I’m also involved with documenting internal procedures for operational and regulatory purposes. It’s a good mix and I love the varied aspects of my role.

Can you tell us about your work background and career so far?

The real beginning of my career I started out as a dental nurse, I was very lucky to work closely with one of the best dentists on the island. I found my love of talking to all kinds of different people and decided to transfer my skills into the CSP world, which eventually led me into the egaming industry. I’m now entering my third year in this field and I’m very eager to keep learning and growing.

Can you tell us a little more about your life at home?

I live in Peel with my boyfriend Nathan and our cat Cosmic. Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you what an absolute crazy cat lady I am, which I’m very proud of. I’m working on Nathan to get more cats but with Cosmic ruling the roost I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince him!

What are your interests and hobbies?

I’m a bit of a geek when I want to be, I love the classic Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games, and lockdown last year allowed me to find my love for Animal Crossing. There’s a great online community surrounding it which is so much fun being a part of, as you get to make new friends from all different parts of the world! Me and Nathan share a love of travelling and are planning a road trip through the US states when COVID allows. The national parks of America are amazing and I hope to see as many of them as I can.

Finally, can you tell us something that not many people know?

I have a real soft spot for Marvel and the Avengers, specifically Thor. I remember watching the third film Ragnarok in the cinema and bursting into tears when all his hair got cut off. Looking back now at how I reacted is very funny. I think I was probably just overwhelmed at the change – he was perfect the way he was!