Meet the Team: Jackie

In this Meet the Team article, we hear from Jackie, our Office Manager, who works out of our Isle of Man office.

Jackie joined Affinity in November 2015, having previously worked in customer services.

What does your day-to-day role at Affinity involve?

I never know how my day will start. As office manager, I am the problem solver – the go-to person for all problems, big or small. It could be a print issue or a keyboard not working. Have we got a spare? My phone has an engaged signal. We urgently need files from the archive. The coffee machine is out of coffee beans!! There is a leak in the ladies’ toilet. This is what I enjoy most about my role. I need to wear many hats, solve issues, learn and grow while helping keep the general vibe in the office smooth, supportive and nurturing.

What led you to this career?

I came to the office by connection. The previous owner was a client at the hair salon where I was working, and when it was closing for good, she asked if I would like to interview for a junior part-time role in her office.

What skills are you currently working on?

Every day I learn something new. One skill I work on consistently is communication. This is one of the most important skills; to communicate, listen, hear, and help solve or move forward is essential. It allows us to pass on information and build relationships with colleagues and clients. According to recent studies, companies with good communication practices are three and a half times more likely to outperform competitors. When team leaders are effective communicators, they inspire workers to reach for a common goal.

What’s your go-to tea or coffee order?

Tea – let the tea bag soak for a bit, let it have its moment, then squeeze a good slash of milk. 😊

What is the best thing about being part of the Affinity team?

Working together, we make Affinity the best it can be for colleagues and clients, a business to be proud of, and a work environment to be proud of.

What has been your favourite social or Wellness Committee event so far?

The mid-week morning brunch – is a great way to shift the mid-week energy slump and communicate.

What have you seen recently that has made you smile?

My sons, my family and friends, work family, the sea, trees and plants, spaghetti bolognese, the moon, new boots.

What is your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

A shower, fresh clothes, some food, chat with my family, and then TV.

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