Meet the team: Eliza Rayner

Affinity Group has offices in Isle of Man, Malta and Cayman Islands. We are a talented and friendly bunch, working closely with our wide range of clients to meet their specific needs. Here’s a little from Eliza Rayner, Group Strategy Analyst for Affinity Group.

What is your role at Affinity?

My role is focused on around assisting with the implementation of the Group’s strategy across all jurisdictions in addition to coordinating New Business. I conduct research on emerging sectors and jurisdictions, gaining new insights to aid the company’s strategy. I am also involved in the Group’s Marketing and developing the brand image.

What aspects do you love about your job and the company?

My role is diverse and I’m always doing something different. I am a very enthusiastic person who likes learning therefore researching suits me well. I love that my job requires me to do a lot of reading and writing, drafting up information and presenting my findings. I also have a creative side and love coming up with ideas, which is why I enjoy branding and marketing.
Affinity is a great place to work, we have a strong, friendly team that support and respect each other. The workplace is fast-paced, empowering and rewarding.

Can you tell us about your career so far and how long you’ve been at Affinity?

I have only positive words to say about Affinity. I graduated from university with a business degree and then went travelling to Africa. I am grateful to have started my career in such a fantastic company and I am excited for what the future holds.

Can you tell us a little more about your life at home?

I am a very active person who loves running next to the ocean and walking with my partner and family. I play netball every week and love to socialise on the weekends with friends and family. I have a dog called beau who’s a cocker spaniel and is the sweetest thing ever, he’s my little buddle of joy.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I absolutely love art, both creating art and art history which involves me dragging my partner around art museums for hours. I really enjoy travelling, exploring and learning about new cultures. My favourite place is the beach, I’m either sunbathing or surfing with my partner. My favourite holiday would have to be India.

Finally, can you tell us something that not many people know?

I went horseback riding in Africa in the bush and we tracked elephants, rhinos and giraffes. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, then got told the group after us got surrounded by lions!!!