Meet the Malta Team: Mattei Pisani

In this meet the team article, we hear from Mattei, our Manager in Malta. Mattei works in the accounts department which is a part of the corporate services we provide in Malta. For more information, visit our Malta company page here

What sector do you work in and have you any thoughts to share about the industry right now?

I work in the accounting department and we specifically work within the yachting sector. The sector continues to grow, and even through the global pandemic we experienced a consistent influx of new business which keeps us all very busy.

Please tell us what led you to this career and how has it has progressed so far?

I always enjoyed math’s during school and later on started studying accounting which led me to start my ACCA. Working throughout my ACCA studies gave me that hands on experience which helped me to truly understand what was being said in the classroom and made me more confident in the real world. Progression so far has led me to working within various sectors such as Auditing, Trust and Foundation accounting, to present in the yachting sector.

How is your day at Affinity and what do you do?

As the Manager in the accounts department in Malta, I am responsible for overseeing the team by supporting them with their workload and guiding them with the best of my ability.

Are there any skills you are currently working on?

Currently I am working on efficiency throughout the team. The whole team is very important to Affinity and it is imperative for all to pull the same string and work to the same goals.

What aspects do you love about your job and the company?

Even though the majority of clients are in the yachting industry, I love the uniqueness of every client. This keeps the work interesting, fun and not subject to the daily “routine”

Can you tell us your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

After a hectic day, I would usually put some good music on and cook something tasty and after unwind by continuing my daily binge of Netflix. Or, catch up with a couple of friend over a drink or two. 

Do you have any passions outside of work?

I enjoy off-roading, camping, trekking … anything to do with the outdoors. I also like to keep fit and try my best to hit the gym at least 4/5 a week.

Finally, what is something you have done but will never do again?

Hopefully … quarantine

If you would like to know more about Mattei’s role at Affinity, visit his team profile here

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