LynxBet Partners With Affinity to obtain Isle of Man B2C Licence

Supported by Affinity, JNS Gaming Limited (the “Company”) launched LynxBet, a new online casino and sportsbook brand. The Company now operates under the prestigious Isle of Man Gambling licence and is reaping the benefits of working in a Tier 1 jurisdiction. In addition to the LynxBet brand, Affinity has also assisted the Company’s sister brand, SN Gaming Limited, in obtaining an Isle of Man egaming licence which will launch later this year.

The new brand, LynxBet, inspired by the new popularity of the metaverse, captures the audience with a compelling story of the exciting adventure of an ordinary lynx who stumbled into a magical, immersive world which transforms his character into a Lucky Lynx. From there, the Lucky Lynx takes players on a journey across the platform and strives to share his experience with the audience in multiple gaming verticals through his imaginative world, the Land of LynxBet.

The brand’s storytelling is demonstrated in richly animated digital 3-D artwork on its new website and in a promotional video that invites players into the Land of LynxBet. The vibrant illustrations have been designed around the various range of casino and sports games on offer, which the Lucky Lynx playfully presents to players, enticing them that they could turn their dreams into a reality.

Striving to differentiate the brand in a crowded market, in addition to the investment in product branding to create a premium user experience, the Company has also focused on providing players with a competitive service, offering the fastest and most innovative payment methods, with various cryptocurrency options available. The Company have previous experience in the crypto sector, having previously launched the brand,, an online casino operator that holds a market of over 48 million players. Drawing from their expertise built on blockchain technology, LynxBet will also accept deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

The brand will initially target the Latin American and Asian Markets, offering a customised service with multiple language options. LynxBet have also gone the extra mile to create a more personal player experience by forming regional teams and brand ambassadors that can interact with players to strengthen their relationship with the brand. LynxBet has identified its target segment as casual players, who tend to play games socially and for fun. Along with the brand’s mischievous mascot providing players with luck, the brand reassures the best level of customer service and that its practices abide by responsible gaming.

Mark O’Neill, Group Commercial Manager at Affinity Group, said: “The LynxBet team have created a product that goes above and beyond to create a unique player experience, and we are delighted to have the LynxBet brand in our portfolio. The LynxBet team have a wealth of expertise, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership to support them through the Isle of Man licence application process through to go live. We look forward to watching the LynxBet brand grow, and I am excited to see the next steps in their journey.


It has been a great pleasure working with Affinity, and they have been supporting us every step of the way from license application to license acceptance through to launch and our subsequent international expansion. They are extremely knowledgeable about the I-Gaming sector, especially the IOM license and its requirements, and are heavily focused on player protection like ourselves. They also have a progressive view of I-gaming, facilitating our cryptocurrency proposition and brand strategy. 

Affinity Isle of Man Services

Affinity’s bespoke services in egaming include working closely with the client to understand their unique business model. We create a tailored strategy to meet individual goals.

The expertise we hold in the sector has been built from our years of experience and we hold an established relationship with the Isle of Man Government, which has supported our 100% licence application success rate.

Our list of egaming services include consultancy, business plan assistance, licence application compilation, company incorporation, and ongoing administration.

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