Louise and Mark provide us with their key insights from attending esports conference, Esports Insider, in September.

We provide our team members with exciting opportunities across our diverse sector portfolio, this enables them to develop their thought leadership and professional network in their field. As a way to become leaders in our sectors, we keep up with the latest developments and respond by aligning our services with what the sector needs to grow. With this, we have assisted clients on a number of innovative cases across our niche and emerging sectors.

We assist clients in the esports sector with our corporate services to set up esports structures. We believe this sector holds huge potential for our bespoke structuring services and wealth planning services for organisations, players and teams.

We have been pro-active at developing our position in the sector, and attend leading conferences around the globe every year. As a leading conference in the space, Esports Insider, our team members attended this September to discover the latest trends in the sector and form valuable connections.

We hear from, Louise Kelly, our Senior Client Administrator in the Isle of Man, on how she found esports conference, Esports Insider (ESI) in September;

“I really enjoyed attending my second ESI and catching up with familiar faces from last year’s event. It was interesting to see that this year was a lot of people’s first ESI event, which I would imagine is due to the traction the industry is gaining.

My colleague Mark O’Neill, and I were invited to a round table event hosted by Digital Isle of Man, attendees consisting of key stakeholders in the industry to discuss pain points and key issues these areas are facing. It was really valuable to hear first-hand from org owners, investors and other parties what challenges they are facing, and discussing in a supportive environment the potential ways these could be addressed. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this and expand my knowledge further on esports and the industry overall.

There was some really interesting content from a range of panelists and in line with my experience last year, everybody who I connected with was really friendly and passionate about esports. I’ve left this event with some really valuable insights into the industry, and knowledge in key areas which Affinity could assist with corporate structuring and back office solutions.”

In addition to Louise, our Group Commercial Manager, Mark O’Neill, attended the conference to gain some new insights. Here is what Mark took away from the event;

“The event was well attended which provided Louise and I the perfect opportunity to do some networking in the space. We formed many new connections over the two days, and found that it was a lot of people’s first Esports event. The reason they were at the event is because of the noise everyone is making from the Esports space, so they were interested in developing their knowledge on the sector and seeing if their business had a place.

Louise and I attended the Digital IOM round table event which was setup to bring key stakeholders from the industry to find out what the pain points of the industry are at the moment. It was noted that the following topics are the main issues in esports at the moment are integrity, safeguarding youth and security at esports events.

It was interesting to hear what the limitations are within an industry which is growing at such a rapid rate. I believe Affinity’s corporate services have real value to offer and various segments of the market could really benefit from our bespoke consultancy and structuring.”