Introducing Affinity Sports – Tailored family office services for sports professionals

Affinity Group is proud to announce its official launch of Affinity Sports, offering bespoke family office services and wealth management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of sports professionals. As the sports industry continues to flourish, with sports professionals earning more and facing unique financial challenges, Affinity Sports is ready to be a global partner for securing a lasting legacy.

Specialising in asset protection, estate planning and concierge family office services, Affinity Sports simplifies wealth management for sports professionals across multiple jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, Malta, the Cayman Islands and Florida. Our comprehensive services are designed to protect assets globally, plan for future generations and provide a seamless management experience tailored to the high-paced lifestyle of sports professionals.

“After working with a number of high-profile sports professionals for several years, we have launched Affinity Sports, a new Affinity brand that provides tailored services to meet their unique needs. With Affinity Sports, we aim to ensure that the excellence of our clients on the field is matched by a lasting financial legacy beyond it,” Andy Morgan, Group CEO.

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