Intellectual Property

Affinity provides a range of services to manage your intellectual property.

Affinity holds relationships with experienced lawyers in various jurisdictions to provide expert advice and guidance on IP strategy, registration, licensing and litigation.


The decision on structuring an IP is a critical part of a client’s strategy. The key considerations include the type of corporate structure which determines the IP protection and the structure jurisdiction, which will determine its optimisation from a tax perspective.

A popular type of structure is a non-trading entity, such as a holding company.
An intellectual property asset structured in a holding company will hold the asset in a separate entity acting to protect and limit liability.

An IP structured in a holding company in certain jurisdictions can benefit from tax relief schemes, exempting the IP from tax altogether.

Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate some of the complexities of IP protection. This extends to ensuring that the IP is fully secure and compliant with the necessary regulations, focusing on meeting applicable substance legislation.

Our intellectual property team


Joanne Fenech

Managing Director (Malta)


Garry Crossan

Director, Cayman Islands

Eliza Rayner

Business Development Executive

IP holding company benefits

  • The IP is ring-fenced, which protects the asset
  • There is centralised ownership and management of your IP assets
  • The IP hold company can generate revenue in low tax jurisdictions
  • IP assets may be more easily sold or made available as security
  • It is more difficult for third parties to bring a legal claim against the original owner of the IP
  • An IP holding company gain recognition for its market value


Our IP services

  • Bespoke IP consultancy
  • IP registration
  • IP corporate structuring
  • VAT, compliance and administration
  • IP strategy and licensing advice through trusted intermediaries

Eliza Rayner

Business Development Executive

Drawing on our extensive experience and deep expertise, we have built a robust network of trusted contacts, enabling us to provide our clients with tailored IP solutions that meet their diverse needs. Our commitment to professionalism and excellence ensures that clients receive expert guidance and strategic advice while benefiting from the security and flexibility necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic intellectual property landscape.