We support grass roots initiatives and sponsored the first esports tournament on the Isle of Man.

Affinity provide a personal approach to a broad range of services in the esports sector.


Our esports services involve assisting clients with bespoke corporate structuring and wealth planning for established organisations, start-ups, players and teams.

We have highlighted various market segments in the esports sector which each require unique structuring. The growing amount of international tournaments across jurisdictions brings new challenges for esports players and teams.

We can offer esports player’s professional advice in wealth management to suit personal circumstances and goals. We can provide esports teams with bespoke structuring and we have the expertise to set up structures for esports start-ups with a unique business model.

Our esports team

Louise Kelly

Senior Client Administrator

Andy Morgan

Group CEO

Our esports services

  • Consultancy services
  • Wealth and estate planning
  • Bank account opening
  • Escrow services
  • Multi jurisdictional licensing
  • Assistance with government grant applications
  • Company incorporation and administration
  • Provision of Directorship services
  • Provision of Registered Office services
  • Liaison with regulators, lawyers and auditors

Andy Morgan

Group CEO

“The esports sector has achieved rapid growth in recent years, this has opened many new exciting opportunities for businesses across various sectors. Our authentic approach to the esports sector entails supporting grass-roots initiatives such as the sponsoring the first esports tournament on the Isle of Man. As a multi-award winning corporate service provider, we provide a range of bespoke services to meet the needs of players, orgs, start-ups, tournament operators and service companies. We are building our authentic knowledge to understand the world of competitive video gaming.”

Isle of Man  –  Malta

One advantage we hold that our clients benefit from is our multi-jurisdictional offering with our offices in the Isle of Man, Malta and Cayman Islands. With this comes various competitive regimes and structures, which offers our clients unique benefits and the flexibility to choose many different avenues.

Esports in the Isle of Man

The Environment

We have been pro-active in developing the esports sector on the Isle of Man, and an example of this is supporting grass-roots initiatives. We believe this places us in the right position to respond with what the sector needs to grow with our bespoke services.

The Isle of Man has a thriving local esports community which is made up of young, enthusiastic players, authentic, passionate esports fans, tournament operators, support services and a forward-thinking Government. The Government have demonstrated a pro-active approach in the sector by supporting local esports businesses and encourage new esports business to the jurisdiction. Examples include esports education initiatives, networking events, and sponsorship opportunities from local and international brands.

The Government have also undertaken various initiatives to understand what businesses need on the Island to drive growth in the esports sector, and promote the legitimacy of the industry for further investment.

The Isle of Man is an attractive landscape for esports businesses, whether its an established organisation or a start-up, the business will benefit from the jurisdictions competitive fiscal regime, flexible corporate structuring and a supportive Government and Regulator.

Our clients that operate from the Isle of Man gain the prestigious status of being located in a reputable jurisdiction, which delivers value to their reputation and their clients.

We believe the Isle of Man is a leading jurisdiction for esports, as an international financial centre, there are many support services for an esports business to flourish, in addition to its advanced infrastructure and reputation for digital innovation.

Our team from the Isle of Man, from our egaming sector and fintech sector, regularly attend global esports exhibitions to represent the Isle of Man as jurisdiction of choice in the esports sector, to build authentic knowledge and to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Leaning on our experience in egaming and traditional sectors, we are able to help Org’s, Tournament Operators and service companies with authentic knowledge and understanding of the world of esports and competitive video gaming.

The Regulation

The Isle of Man holds a prestigious reputation globally in the egaming sector, which has been built from providing robust, tier 1 regulation and an gold standard licensing regime.

The Government is working with the regulator to create a strong regulatory environment for the esports sector, with the aim to hold the credibility and world-renowned status as the egaming sector. The Government is in the process with the Regulator to co-author legislation and regulation, with the aim to protect publishers, tournament operators, pro-players and other esports businesses.

Esports in Malta

The Environment

Malta is an established gaming centre in Europe, and its experience in the sector has developed its global reputation as one of the most respected jurisdictions in the egaming sector. With this, it has attracted operators from around the world, which has resulted in the jurisdiction having the most licensed operators.

In addition to eGaming, Malta has been quick to develop its esports sector with the aim to become a leading jurisdiction of choice. The jurisdictions efficient regulator, and developed gaming sector has supported the growth of a passionate local esports scene, with many local tournaments taking place. It has also attracted international attention, and the jurisdiction has been pro-active to present itself as a place to host tournaments, an example is Playcon, in 2019, which was Malta’s first game development and esports expo.

Similar to the Isle of Man, the jurisdiction has presented itself with a competitive landscape for an esports business to thrive. As a globally leading financial centre, the jurisdiction has a pool of experienced professionals which provide a variety of support services to enable an esports business to flourish. Many of the compelling characteristics that attracts egaming businesses fall into the same bracket for an esports business. An esports business will benefit from the jurisdictions favorable fiscal regime, robust regulation and cutting-edge infrastructure.

The Regulation

Malta’s esports sector is driven by a supportive Government, and the Malta Esports Association which are committed to fostering growth in establishing an esports ecosystem grow with new local business, attracting foreign businesses, presenting job opportunities and providing strong platforms for local talent. The Association are also working towards developing a framework to protect the esports market.

Malta’s esports sector is supported by the jurisdictions gambling body, GamingMalta, an independent non-profit foundation set up by the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Its aim is to promote Malta as a centre of excellence in the digital and remote gaming sector globally, and present Malta as an appealing location for esports business and a place to host esports tournaments.

Affinity Group’s Services

We are privileged to offer our clients credible jurisdictions with world-leading robust regulatory frameworks.

Our team at Affinity Group provides our clients with a personal service, which involves bespoke consultancy to understand the clients unique business model and goals.

Our corporate services support a clients business from the incorporation stage and every step thereafter, until it flourishes on its own two feet.

Our relationship with the Government in each of our jurisdictions supports our assistance with Government grant applications on behalf of the client, and our global network of intermediaries, which includes established relationships with banks, lawyers and auditors, supports our seamless service.

In addition to our clients receiving a dedicated point of contact, our administration team provide an efficient on-boarding process from the incorporation to the on-going administration. Our services continue to support the business as it grows and flourishes.

Our knowledge in each of our jurisdictions and established networks also provides our clients with added value. We can provide assistance with obtaining local employment and much more.

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