Escrow Services

Affinity Group can offer escrow solutions for a wide range of transactions.

We make sure your funds are protected for your large acquisitions, mergers and ventures.


We are trusted by banks, insurance companies and private equity companies for our secure, efficient and cost-effective service.

The provision of Escrow services is an ideal fit with our sectors. In particular, we have a proven track record for administering luxury assets.

Our escrow team


Andy Morgan

Group CEO


Joanne Fenech

Managing Director (Malta)


Garry Crossan

Director, Cayman Islands

Our escrow services can be used for:

  • Acquisition of luxury assets such as Yachts and Aircraft
  • Joint ventures​
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate finance​
  • Real estate transactions
  • Assets securitisation

Andy Morgan

Group CEO

Our dedicated team can provide various escrow services that span across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. We offer a cohesive, discreet service and hold secure relationships with well-established intermediaries, that’s why we are recognised as a trusted corporate service provider and have a long-standing reputation in the luxury-asset sector.