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Eliza Rayner

Business Development Executive


Eliza graduated University in the UK with a degree in Business, before joining Affinity Group in the Isle of Man in December 2020. As ‘Group Strategy Analyst’ for two years, Eliza was responsible for developing the Group’s Strategy, recording New Business and coordinating the Group’s Marketing, Brand and PR.

In 2023, Eliza changed role to Business Development Executive, which involves her developing the Group’s business across our three jurisdictions, the Isle of Man, Malta and Cayman Islands.

In addition to our core sector portfolio, Eliza is responsible for developing new business and establishing relationships in various new sectors, including Cannabis, Private Wealth, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Residency & Citizenship.

In her spare time, Eliza enjoys going to the gym, yoga and running. She has a passion for skiing and loves to travel.

“Since joining Affinity I have been provided with unparalleled support and so many opportunities to drive my career progression. We have an incredibly positive working environment which has been created by a close team that works collaboratively towards a shared success.”