Creating our Community in Cayman

Last week, we hosted a Cayman Islands Launch Party event to celebrate the opening of our new office. Along Seven Mile beach, our venue overlooked the beautiful Caribbean ocean, where our guests enjoyed some evening drinks and nibbles over a stunning sunset. It was a fantastic evening, and we were overwhelmed with the support that we received from the local community.

When we originated in 2004, we focused on developing valuable relationships with clients and intermediaries. As such, we have managed to retain many of these relationships till present, and believe that the way in which we work is unique. We do this by creating a strong company culture which is centered around our people. We work with shared values, but we embody a philosophy that makes our people feel valued. In our team, we celebrate reaching milestones and goals together.

We have built a community in all our jurisdictions and we intend to do the same in Cayman, developing relationships and providing an exceptional service. The Cayman Islands holds a vibrant, friendly community that we can’t wait to become apart of, and to share with our clients. Our success in yachting across our Group has been fundamental to our organic growth over the years, and we are so thrilled to have anchored in a new, exciting landscape that has so much offer.

Thank you to all that attended, we feel we have been welcomed into the Cayman yachting sector with open arms.

If you would like to know more on our services in yachting, you can find out more information here, or the Cayman Islands, you can visit our jurisdiction page here.

Alternatively, contact us, we would love to hear from you.