We are Affinity Group

Our vision

To grow our business organically while continuing to provide the same personal,
discreet service to our clients who rely on us for expert advice that spans sectors and jurisdictions.


Our heritage goes back to our Company’s formation in the Isle of Man in 2004.

At that time the focus was on yachting clients following the success of the newly formed superyacht register in the Isle of Man.

The benefit of initially focusing on the Yachting sector was that we quickly developed relationships with clients who demanded attention to detail and excellent service. We quickly recognised that if we met client expectations we would win and retain business. As a result, many clients that we took on in 2004 are still clients today and they have gone on to do other work with us in different sectors, including Aviation, Commercial and Residential Property, Trust and general Corporate Services.

Whilst many of our competitors have relied upon business acquisitions as a primary form of growth in recent years, we have focussed on healthy organic growth through referrals from a network of trusted intermediaries and existing clients. Our focus has always been on providing excellent service and delivering results.

In 2011 we established a Malta office which enabled us to enhance our service to clients.

In 2019 the Company underwent an acquisition and under the new leadership team the Company has undergone a period of unprecedented growth.

Having built our company within the Yachting sector, Affinity now handles a wide range of Corporate and Fiduciary clients across various industries and is a leading CSP in the Gaming/FinTech sector. Despite this success in new sectors, Yachitng remains an integral part of what we do. We are delighted that we recently surpassed over £2 billion of assets under administration.

Affinity operates as a cohesive Group with a democratic approach to Corporate Governance and reporting across all jurisdictions including isle of man, Malta and our recently formed Cayman Island office. In addition to growing the client portfolio we have made Affinity an “employer of choice” by cultivating a friendly working environment where staff are trusted and empowered. The key to this has been communication; briefing our team properly on the Group’s targets and objectives as well as helping staff to meet their own personal objectives however big or small.

Many of us have benefited from the experiences which we have shared together as a team over the years and use these experiences to build a bright future together going forward. Our workforce are not only a team but also a family and friendships have formed that will last a lifetime.

Our approach has enabled us to use our solid foundations as a springboard to success. We are thriving under a new leadership team which cultivates an environment where staff are motivated, through trust and empowerment, to go the extra mile to get results.

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