A Collaboration for Medicinal Cannabis Companies

Affinity has partnered with CambridgeHOK, Lawrence Stephens and Subrosa Group to provide a holistic, turn-key cannabis solution.

Established in the Isle of Man in 2004, Affinity Group has scaled across a number of corporate, digital and luxury asset sectors, operating out of several leading jurisdictions. On the back of success in eGaming, Affinity has become a premier provider of corporate services for businesses in the medicinal cannabis market. With extensive experience in regulation and licensing, following years of working closely with local governments and regulatory authorities, Affinity has now partnered with CambridgeHOK, Lawrence Stephens and Subrosa Group to provide a holistic, turn-key cannabis solution for medicinal cannabis companies looking to locate in the Isle of Man and Malta.

The medicinal cannabis market

Operating a regulated business can be challenging. These challenges are increasing with the added pressures of an ever-shifting landscape and increased scrutiny by regulators as they must demonstrate the adequacy of their supervisory approach to international bodies such as MoneyVal and FATF.

Obtaining a licence is cause for celebration, but it should also prompt a business to take stock of how it will operate while maintaining compliance.

This is where Affinity Group’s Navigator can help.

What Affinity Navigator offers

Affinity Navigator’s comprehensive medicinal cannabis services include licence application, consultancy and compliance. Backed by this strategic partnership with CambridgeHOK, Lawrence Stephens and Subrosa Group, Affinity is a standout corporate service provider in the cannabis sector, with an industry-leading range of services and a proven record of performance.

Partnering for success

In addition to the regulatory requirements, the cannabis industry is highly unique and specialised, which adds a layer of complexity for companies establishing facilities to grow, extract, produce, test and distribute cannabis products. Each part of the process requires meticulous planning and, often, strategic support through a multi-faceted and time-consuming process.

A simpler cannabis solution

Affinity Group’s collaboration with industry leaders CambridgeHOK, Lawrence Stephens and Subrosa Group offers a standout portfolio of services for clients in the cannabis space. The partnership creates a comprehensive cannabis solution, providing support from consultancy to production and security to law.  

The aim is to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ to support businesses that wish to venture into this exciting and dynamic market. It will be a highly regulated market with high-quality standards, and we believe we have the right partners to deliver for customers, providing site selection, design, construction, operating knowledge, regulatory support, physical, technical and manned security, procedural frameworks and business case support.

CambridgeHOK: Adopting a dynamic, forward-thinking approach to horticulture engineering, CambridgeHOK offers expertise in facility design, operational management and GMP compliance, specialising in vertical farming, construction, energy and glasshouses.  

Lawrence Stephens Solicitors: Forming strong and meaningful client partnerships, Lawrence Stephens brings multi-sector expertise to provide specialist legal advice on the regulatory intricacies of the cannabis industry, with a focus on controlled drugs legislation and product-specific regulations. 

Subrosa Group: With years of collective experience in business intelligence, risk management and specialist security, Subrosa Group is internationally recognised for its highly sought-after security solutions, which are paramount for safeguarding medical cannabis operations.  As market leaders in this sector they have worked with clients from inception to steady state operations, with all, achieving their Home Office licence or European equivalent.

“Our new collaboration with industry leaders CambridgeHOK, Lawrence Stephens and Subrosa allows us to offer a holistic and streamlined service experience for clients, tailored to the ever-evolving cannabis industry.”

Kristy Maxwell, Associate Director, Affinity Group.