Our Awards

Our awards reflect our leading position across our sectors.

Our team’s wealth of knowledge and exceptional expertise is the driving force behind our success, which has resulted in reaching many incredible milestones.

Our awards builds trust with our clients, and showcases our excellent level of service. We hold an outstanding track record in trusts and fiduciary services which depicts our experience in providing bespoke services in the private wealth sector. Our niche and emerging sectors now make up a significant part of our business, and we are continuously looking for opportunities to showcase to our clients our innovative services.

Kate Cowley shines at the 2023 Citywealth Future Leaders Awards: Winning Silver for Iniative of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that our Manager, Kate Cowley, has been awarded an excellent Silver award at the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards 2023. Held in London on 14th November, this ceremony recognises young professionals demonstrating outstanding performance while significantly contributing to society.

Kate’s achievement is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills, deep involvement in eGaming, and active participation in Affinity’s Wellness Committee. Her dedication to charity initiatives has benefitted the community and enhanced our corporate culture. Kate’s Silver win at this notable event underscores her commitment to professional excellence and social responsibility, aligning perfectly with the values of Affinity Group.

Alex Gardner: Recognised as a rising star and business growth leader

We are proud to share that Alex Gardner, our COO, has been named in the Citywealth NextGen Top 40 Under 40 International Financial Centre Awards. Alex has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Woman of the Year – Business Growth category at the USA Powerwomen Awards 2024.

Alex’s inclusion speaks volumes about her trust and corporate services expertise, especially in the digital and luxury asset sectors. Her strategic acumen and leadership have been instrumental in Affinity Group’s impressive growth.

“Alex thoroughly deserves every accolade, and I am delighted to be working very closely with her to drive our growth in Europe, USA, and beyond,” Andy Morgan, Affinity Group CEO.

We’re thrilled to announce that Affinity Group has been named the Best Corporate Service Provider – Isle of Man by SME News in their Enterprise Awards 2023!

SME News is a platform dedicated to celebrating the success of SMEs in Britain. They champion businesses across every sector, from one-person ventures to companies with 200 employees.

Affinity Group Triumphs at the 2023 Magic Circle Awards: Awarded ‘Trust Company of the Year – Boutique’.

We are overjoyed to announce Affinity Group has won the coveted ‘Trust Company of the Year – Boutique’ award at the 2023 Magic Circle Awards, a prestigious event hosted by Citywealth. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence in trust and wealth management services.

For 18 years, the Magic Circle Awards have been the epitome of success within the global private wealth industry. This recognition, therefore, is not just a testament to our achievements over the past year but also an affirmation of our ongoing dedication to our clients and the high standards we uphold.

Accepting the award on behalf of Affinity Group, our CEO, Andy Morgan, expressed his gratitude and pride. “Receiving this honour is a true reflection of the tireless dedication of our extraordinary team. Their commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients is unparalleled and has now been fittingly acknowledged on an international platform. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved.”


Affinity Group has been recognised as the Best Employer for Career Progression at the Powerwomen Awards 2023, highlighting the company’s commitment to creating a supportive and empowering work environment.

With 66% of the team being women, Affinity Group’s leadership team understands the importance of providing career growth and development opportunities. Alex Gardner, Affinity Group’s COO, expressed her excitement about the recognition and reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting women in the workplace. She said, “At Affinity Group, we are incredibly proud to have won the Best Employer – Career Progression award. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and we are committed to supporting and empowering our female team members to do just that.”

The Powerwomen Awards for Best Employer – Career Progression recognises organisations prioritising career development and supporting their employees’ personal growth. The award celebrates companies that create an inclusive work environment, invest in their employees’ career progression, and go above and beyond to help their team achieve their personal and professional objectives.


Affinity Group’s COO, Alex Gardner, was awarded the Bronze for the Powerwoman of the Year – Business Growth (Boutique) at the Powerwomen Awards 2023.

The Powerwoman of the Year – Business Growth (Boutique) recognises and celebrates Alex’s achievements and contributions to the company’s growth and success.

Alex expressed her gratitude upon receiving the award and stated, “I am delighted to receive the Bronze award for the Powerwoman of the Year – Business Growth (Boutique). This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Affinity Group team, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

With Alex as COO, Affinity Group has experienced significant growth and expansion, and her contributions have been instrumental in the company’s success. Her dedication to creating a positive and inclusive work environment has helped attract and retain top talent. Her strategic vision has helped position the company for continued growth and success.

Citywealth and the Powerwomen Awards interviewed Alex after she received her award. Read the interview on the link below to learn how we help our female employees reach their personal and professional potential.

Outstanding Individual

Andy wins IFC Awards, ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’

Andy Morgan, Group CEO, has been awarded Gold for ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’ in the Citywealth IFC Awards 2023.

Now in their twelfth year, the Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards were established to highlight the excellence of the advisers and managers in the private wealth sector in the major international financial centres.

A panel of experts has judged Andy on his leadership style and vision, innovative client service cases, CSR initiatives and key growth statistics within the business.

Under Andy’s leadership and strategic vision in recent years, the business has diversified into many sectors and achieved unprecedented growth.

More importantly, Andy’s unparalleled commitment and passion for his team and the business has formed an incredibly special workplace culture, which allows every team member to contribute and flourish in the company’s success.

We congratulate Andy for achieving this truly well-deserved, outstanding award. We are proud of you and your accomplishments.

Andy commented on receiving the award, “I am honoured to receive the Outstanding Individual of the Year Award. The award might say ‘individual,’ but it wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the whole team. I would like to thank every one of them for their continued commitment and support and I look forward to achieving more with them in 2023.”

Affinity Group shortlisted for ‘Trust Company of the Year- Boutique’ in the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2023

Having previously been awarded Silver for ‘Trust Company of the Year- Boutique’ in the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2021, we are delighted to be shortlisted for this prestigious award in 2023.

Assessed on the company performance, we presented key metrics and cases to demonstrate the growth and the success of the business in the past year, including; client retention rates, relationship management initiatives, overall performance, innovation in our services, department growth and expansion.

We also outlined our corporate social responsibility in our local community, our  internal sustainability credentials and our company’s leadership vision and culture.

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for this award which we believe is a testament to our company’s growth across our sector portfolio, our performance across jurisdictions and the fantastic company culture we have created at Affinity.

Affinity Group shortlisted for ‘Best Employer – Career Progression’ in the Powerwomen Awards 2023

Judged by a panel of experts on an in-depth submission, Affinity will be assessed on the company’s significant milestones over the past year, the  leadership culture, growth metrics across departments, internal gender network and female initiatives.

We believe this award reflects the culture we have created at Affinity, and the exciting opportunities that we present our team to drive career progression across our departments.

Our Group Commercial Manager, Mark O’Neill achieved Gold for ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’ in the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards 2022.

In their sixth year, Citywealth hosted the ‘Future Leaders Awards’ in 2022, established to champion young professionals in the wealth sector and highlight the leaders under forty of today and tomorrow. The philosophy of the contest is to support future leaders who excel at work but who also make an important contribution to society.

Based on a in-depth submission, Mark was assessed on his achievements in the past year, the CSR projects he has been involved in, promotions or qualifications attained in last year and a testimonial from direct supervisor.

The submission is after judged by a panel of wealth management professionals in the private wealth management sector, which accounts for 90% and an online public voting which accounts for 10% of the final result.

Mark was assessed on his work within the client services sector, which involved a number of complex client cases across the egaming and fintech sectors.

Alex Gardner, Group COO has been shortlisted in the Citywealth Powerwomen Awards 2023 as ‘Women of the Year – Business Growth’.

Having previously achieved Bronze as ‘Women of the Year – Business Growth’ in the Powerwomen Awards 2022, Alex has been shortlisted in the same category in the Citywealth Powerwomen Awards 2023.

As a female leader in the company, Alex has been fundamental in guiding the team and the company with her strategic vision through Affinity’s unprecedented growth in recent years.

Following an in-depth submission, Alex has been assessed on her performance in the last year, including significant milestones, female initiatives, leadership style, and how she is driving individual career progression.

In addition to being assessed by a panel of experts which accounts for 90% of the result, the shortlist online voting is now open to support her nomination.

Affinity Group awarded ‘Best Employer – Career Progression’ in the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards.

We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved Gold for ‘Best Employer – Career Progression’ in the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards. Judged by a panel of experts on an in-depth submission, Affinity were assessed by providing evidence of  the progression of individuals in leadership and the development of individuals under 40 within the organisation. This was demonstrated with examples of the progression of individuals in the company, by outlining their career paths, qualifications and extra responsibilities.

We believe this award reflects the significant investment we have placed in our team to allow them to carve our exciting career paths, that involve opportunities to reach their potential.

Andy Morgan, Group CEO, shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’ in the Citywealth International Financial Centre (IFC) Awards.

Now in their twelfth year, the Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards were established to highlight the excellence of the advisers and managers in the private wealth sector in the major international financial centres.

To be shortlisted for this award, Andy has been assessed by a panel of advisors on his career history, innovative client cases, leadership style and vision, CSR initiatives and business growth statistics. It is now open to online public voting.

A reflection of his dedication to his career in the offshore business environment for over fifteen years, Andy’s growth has mirrored the company’s success, and in 2019 he stepped into a leadership role to accelerate the brand to the next level.

Andy’s vision and determination has led the business to expand into new jurisdictions and diversify into many niche sectors. In addition to steering the company’s unprecedented performance, the award is also a testament to his commitment for his team and the outstanding effort he has made to make Affinity a fantastic place to work.

As his key focus, Andy has created a unique company culture which puts people first. His friendly, democratic approach and understanding nature has formed a collaborative working environment, which is based on trust and encourages honest communication. Andy believes in getting the best out of people and has worked hard to create a strong team bond.


We are delighted to announce we have been shortlisted for Best Employer – Career Progression, in the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards 2022

As a young, growing company, we believe this award truly reflects the support we provide our team to become leaders in their field, and the opportunities available across our sectors for individuals to carve out exciting career paths which expands their knowledge to reach their potential.

Mark O’Neill shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Individual of the Year’ in the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards

A testament to his hard work, Mark has been assessed on number of complex client cases across the egaming and fintech sectors.

Marks personal progression has mirrored the company’s growth since joining as an Administrator in 2013. With experience across accounting, yachting, egaming and fintech, Mark has achieved a broad range of accredited qualifications to support his exceptional expertise.

Previously the Manager of the egaming team, Mark was fundamental in developing the egaming sector at Affinity from its early stages to the successful position we are in today. Leading a team which tripled in size, Mark guided the egaming team in providing an excellent service to our growing client portfolio, which has earned us our prestigious reputation in the sector.

As Group Commercial Analyst, Mark is developing the Group’s jurisdictions, which includes the Isle of Man, Malta and the Cayman Islands, in driving new business and analysing our sectors to identify new opportunities for growth.

Best Corporate Service Provider 2022 – Isle of Man, SME News UK Enterprise Awards.

For the 6th year, SME News is delighted to present the UK Enterprise Awards which proudly encompasses a multitude of exciting and vibrant businesses and industries across the UK. The UK Enterprise Awards are judged purely on merit.

Based on research and supporting information, a panel of experts analysed our industry excellence, overall performance, customer experience and innovation in our field.

In the last year, our unprecedented growth has resulted from our successful influx of new business across our sectors, our exploration in emerging sectors and our expansion to a new jurisdiction, the Cayman Islands.

As the foundation of our successful performance, our journey to reaching milestones has been achieved by our incredible team and the exceptional expertise they provide our clients everyday. From this, we have built our reputation and created a loyal client base that trust and recommend our personal service.

A boutique company with a global offering, we hold a determined vision to grow our business organically and believe we are doing just that, by encompassing vast opportunities for our clients and providing them solutions across jurisdictions and sectors.

Read our blog post here

Innovation Excellence Awards

Business Consultants of the Year – Corporate Livewire, Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022,

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 celebrates the success and achievements of firms and individuals that have taken an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance.

With more categories and an even greater international spectrum, these awards honour those who standout as consistently showing best practice in every aspect of their work.

Another humble achievement, which is a testament to the outstanding expertise our team hold, Affinity Group achieved Business Consultants of the Year in the Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022.

“The judging panel was particularly impressed by the knowledge
each of its specialist teams possesses, enabling them to guide their
clients through a range of industries. Since it was founded, Affinity
Group has developed an expert knowledge of core regulations
across the luxury asset sector, aviation, property, esports, financial
technology, yachting, citizenship, and more. Its services are
available to individuals and companies, and the team can achieve
an array of tasks from regulatory and administrative, to personalised
services such as wealth and estate planning. These are designed
to ease the strain on clients, supporting them in achieving a range
of individual and business-related goals which has led to Affinity
Group establishing a loyal client base that trusts its advice.”

Alexandra Gardner, BRONZE for Business Women of the Year Business Growth (Boutique) Powerwomen Awards 2022

The Citywealth Powerwomen awards celebrate women in the wealth sector and highlight the female leaders of today and tomorrow. Alex achieving bronze in her category is a testament to her strategic vision she has applied to surge growth into Affinity’s brand and service offering.

Under Alex’s leadership, Affinity has experienced consistent organic growth and her exceptional knowledge has led to a diversification in adopting niche, emerging sectors, and targeting new jurisdictions.

IFC Awards 2022 Trust Company of the Year

The International Financial Centre awards have been running for eleven years and showcase the excellence of leading industry experts and advisors within the private wealth sector in all the major financial centres. Judged by a panel of experts, winners are assessed by demonstrating excellence in achievement, innovation, expertise and service.

We are so proud to have won Trust Company of the Year – Isle of Man, and believe it truly reflects our leading position as a Trust and Corporate Service Provider.

Read more about our award in our blog post here

Magic Circle Awards

We are honoured to have achieved yet another impressive award in the Corporate and Trust sector, even with unprecedented challenges, the team performed exceptionally well and their continuous hard work is a testament

“A tough year for the world proved to be a catalyst for wealth management as the necessity to sort out personal affairs came into focus. Congratulations to our 2021 Magic Circle Awards winners who stepped up for clients and embraced all challenges a digital world delivered.“  Karen Jones, Editor, Citywealth

World Commerce Review Award

World Commerce Review Awards

“We are delighted to have won this award that depicts our solid roots in traditional TCSP sector. Our expertise has enabled us to grow, by expanding into new sectors to provide our clients with a diverse offering. As a result, many clients taken on as early as 2004 remain with us today and have continued to trust us with their ventures.” – Andy Morgan, Group CEO