Isle of Man Outline

The Isle of Man attains ‘Best International Finance Centre’ in the 2021 International Investment awards

The Isle of Man is leading the way in the global finance sector having won the ‘Best International Finance Centre’ award four times in the last five years.

The Island is consistently proving to be an attractive place to do business, with the awards highlighting the strength of each jurisdictions business climate including their regulatory body that financial instruments abide by.

The Islands competitive performance in finance derives from the governments forward thinking approach that is allowing the sector to encompass the versatility and adaptability to adopt an innovative, pro-active stance on new industry developments.

As an offshore jurisdiction of choice for private and corporate clients, the Island holds a dynamic, professional workforce that are experts in a variety of structures which are supported by a first-class regulatory regime making the jurisdiction recognised by the International Monetary Fund as a well-regulated offshore Finance Centre of excellence.

The Islands renowned quality in the efficiency of implementing successful, robust practices in traditional corporate structures and setting up new, evolving modern vehicles in niche, emerging sectors which embody the latest technological breakthroughs such as cutting edge Blockchain applications is propelling the jurisdictions global performance and driving its prestigious international reputation.

Here at Affinity, we are proud of our heritage that we have formed on the Isle of Man.

We know that the services we provide our clients are not only well-recognised, tested practices but are dynamic and ever-evolving. We respond, adapt and develop to sector developments to harness innovation which is carving new pathways in the future of the financial sector.